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One Motion Athletic Corp.

One Motion Athletic Corp. is a nonprofit organization focused on the development of youth with emphasis on keeping track and field alive in Central Illinois.
  1. 13-14 4x400 Gillian,Kynlee,Bailey,MacKenzie
  2. Trey
  3. BriAnna
  4. Martarius & Josiah
  5. Cohl
  6. Seven Hicks Peoria Heights
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  1. Ages 7 to 19
    Serving youth ages 7 to 19 meeting them at their talent levels and working with them to improve their overall skills. We at One Motion support youth involvement in all sports by making conditioning and training a year-round priority.
  2. Team Concept
    One Motion's mission is to help our youth on and off the track. Our family-focused values have a foundation in sportsmanship, hard work, dedication and discipline. We serve as not only coaches but mentors for our athletes, and encourage them to strive for success in all aspects of their lives.
  3. Parents Club
    We will be adding a Parents Club this year for all parents who want to get to know each other, ride share to practices and meets and help support One Motion's goals by assisting with fundraising opportunities.
  4. Join Our Team
    We our always looking for more dedicated youth to join our club. To join or for more information, contact Greg Sanders at (309) 472-4741 or [email protected]